The Holiday Junction for iOS – Game help santa claus collect gifts –


Publisher: Game Gobblers

Use: Charge

OperatingSystem: iOS 9.0 and above

The Holiday Junction for iOS – Game help santa claus collect gifts –
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The goblin mischief has stolen the gift bag of santa claus and plans to ruin the Christmas holidays. Please help santa defeat the goblins and take back all the gifts.

Choose 1 out of 3 people driving the ship owner special weapons

The Holiday Junction for iOS is interesting action game for all ages with a simple objective, which is to turn the toy into the gift of beauty to get the highest score. With the help of Uffda, gods of the north and Holiday Junction, if you can complete this challenge before the train back to santa?

The goblins steal all the gifts and intended to spoil the Christmas holidays

The goblins of mischief has stolen the sleigh of santa claus along with any gift for Christmas this year. The enemy fled, was devastated by a tree giant candy, but the toys scattered all over the North Pole. Uffda will help to lift the toy from the ground, but the force The Holiday Junction need your help to take back the toy, the snow globe magic of Uffda.

Collect every toy hovering in the air

The weapons in this fun immediately wrap the gift and drop them into the train carriages. We only have a day to rescue and return the toys in a safe way, so don’t delay! But be careful – a few goblins, wicked is still on the run and will be looking to spoil the holidays. Return the toy, dodge the lump of coal, and rescue Christmas.

The main feature of The Holiday Junction for iOS

Game great entertainment

Offline Game great for entertainment in my spare time, suitable for both children and adults. Share plays quickly between family members or friends to compete to see who achieves the highest score.

Compete with your friends to find out who achieves the highest score.

Random play

You can play The Holiday Junction: Jingle Edition iOS transparent 4 level and each game is different experience. Whether you can achieve high score and save Christmas holidays?

Game of skill

Focus on the action skill and quick reactions to improve each play. React as fast, the higher the score. Kids can challenge other members in family and friends to check out a quick hand and eye of them.

Select the drive your ship

Choose 1 out of 3 people driving the train to control the train Holiday Junction. Each species of animal has weapon strength unique to throw, instead of using snow globe magic.

Whether you can achieve high score and save Christmas holidays?

Support items

As much as gifts are collected, the energy bar is full as quickly. When the power gauge is full, players have the right to use weapons, the strength of the drive train in a short period of time. Polar bear owns the candy mint, the walrus has ginger biscuits and penguin owns the salmon, Lutefisk appear as a child of cod.

The goblin mischief

Scattered throughout the game are the goblins, sly damaged. We will bring these bags contain the special gift, wrapped in gift wrapping paper in gold. Beat them to take back the gift.

Defeat hordes of wicked goblins

Tree gifts

Level 4 has a special feature called Presenting Tree. If you can find a way to light up the tree and lit up all 4 parts of the tree, you will unlock the Presenting Tree and get loads of attractive gifts.

Game for all ages

The game is designed for all ages. Whether the parents or the kids, everyone found the moment have great fun in the game.

New content will be added soon

More game content and new features will be added for free in future.

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