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Publisher: Electronic Arts


Use: Free

OperatingSystem: Windows Phone 8

Tetris Blitz for Windows Phone – Game intelligence for Windows Phone – findsoftwares.net
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Race against the clock within 2 minutes to clear all the lines and earn as many points as possible before time runs out. With the completely new features, stunning visuals, innovative controls have made the game Tetris becomes the most amazing game, should be on Windows Phone devices.

Like the name of the game, Tetris Blitz is not the main version of Tetris. Instead of a simple essence of the original version, Blitz limits the time within 2 minutes and you will have to score as many points as possible.

Before concerned about the difficulty in placing the exact position of the block using a touchscreen, Tetris Blitz can is new play. Instead of rotating and moving carefully at each picture blocks into place to set, Blitz show a few possible positions to the current block can go to. Players simply tap on the location you want to or click on Cycle to view the alternate location.

Tetris Blitz for Windows PhoneTetris Blitz for Windows PhoneTetris Blitz for Windows Phone

Even so, also have to admit that this has reduced a lot of skill and difficulty that Tetris inherent, but due to time constraints, so placing the blocks requires players to operate fast and consistent. This ensures 2 minutes this restriction has been included with action from beginning to end. Players can activate feature-driven surf, but it’s not fast enough to score points.

The purpose of this game is still to clear the line as quickly as possible and you will get higher points if done with just one play.

2 the biggest difference when compared with the game Tetris the is Frenzy mode, and items that increase strength. The first difference, the villa team by clearing enough lines, add the cubes at the far end of the table with gaps. The cubes can bung out, fill the gaps to create combo clear lines. This is quite interesting and lucky because it is one of the main ways to score points.

Items that increase strength are other important ways to score. You have 3 slots and need to buy them from the store. This shop is selling both upgrades, bonus spins to get Blitz Bonus and, of course, is the money to buy. Players can use real money to buy, but this is not necessarily because you can still earn money and win rewards.

Tetris Blitz that support ads, and if you pay £2.99 to remove this ad, it occasionally still have the pop-up display. If logged in with Facebook, players will have more opportunities to play with friends.

Main features:

  • High score: Tantenna strength and make mass explosion, with items that increase strength like Magnet, Laser, and Time Shift. Each new product was launched every week, the given strategy combination of the players never restricted.
  • Feel the frenzy: experience explosive effects and earn double points when you perform the explosion in Frenzy mode. Cleanup lines to survive in the Frenzy and blow the beautiful waterfall.
  • XBOX LIVE: compete on the charts, Xbox Live, and earn rewards from Xbox Live.
  • Play with your friends: Share the joy earned high scores and brag when you’ve overcome your friends on the ranking Facebook. League is reset each week, so chances to win for everyone.
  • Blitz own way: Play with the control features completely new, innovative as choosing “Drag-and-Place”, allowing the player to touch and drag each part with high accuracy. You can also choose the fast One-Touch controls or Swipe if you want to get the original controls.
  • Finishers and Blitz daily: See the game end with the score increase, the exciting blast with Finishers. Players can also try to clear the board with the Bonus Blitz and score rewards like Coin packs, Power-up bundles,….

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