Sushi Slash for Windows Phone – Game chém Sushi on Windows Phone –


Publisher: SlickDroid


Use: Free

OperatingSystem: Windows Phone 7.5/8

Sushi Slash for Windows Phone – Game chém Sushi on Windows Phone –
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Check eyes and your hand works how fast. Sushi slash for Windows Phone is exactly the game you want. Surfing to cut the board, destroy most of the cubes and you will be on the table next. Open up Sushi Slash on the phone and you will find it can leave it.

In each level of this game, the player will receive a wooden cutting board on which there are a lot of different animals, including stars, hearts, snakes, and fish. Each a cutting board placed overlapping with pieces of sushi. To complete the level, the player will have to cut a certain part of the cutting board without harm to sushi. To cut the cutting board, just glide your finger through any part of the cutting board. A pair of chopsticks at the top will mark the implementation process and when you reach the required level, the game will reward you by giving to the next level.

Game mechanics game is very simple but brings many moments of fun and stress. When the amount of sushi and the cubes fantasy growing up, the game will be exciting variation, requiring the player to glide quickly in order to pass the level. A game full of exciting, wonderful and worth to give up leisure time.


One of the strong points in Sushi Slash is the art style great. The wooden board looks very real while sushi is also attractive enough that you appetite. Background traditional form of silk painting as the background behind, and even chopsticks at the top is also perfectly designed.

Sushi Slash for Windows PhoneSushi Slash for Windows PhoneSushi Slash for Windows Phone

Main features:

  • Ninja style.
  • Regular updates to help the game not boring.
  • New Sushi introduced as the player progresses.
  • Pack updates on the season:
    • More than 100 level all.
    • 4 buffs (Katana/Sushi Killer/Lightning Blade/Timer) will help you to challenge new levels.
    • 5 kinds of sushi special help games more attractive

Types of Sushi:

  • Expending sushi: Sushi will become bigger after each 5 seconds, the solve level quickly, how much, the less you have to trouble much.
  • Splitting sushi: Sushi will split them in to 3 after a period of time.
  • Accelerating Sushi: the move Speed of a sushi will become faster if the player does not quickly resolve table.
  • Invisible Sushi: Sushi will hide after a period of time.
  • Radiation Sushi: Sushi will automatically disperse themselves when move.

How to get high score in Sushi Slash for Windows Phone?

  • Complete the level with the number of times the guillotine, at least, in the shortest time.
  • Size of wood remaining gets smaller, the more bonus points.

Why not open the box 2nd or 3rd in Sushi Slash for Windows Phone?

Only the first box is opened after user install this game. The other box can only be unlocked after all the level in the first box is completed.

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