Spitkiss for iOS 1.361 – platformer Game send loving messages attractive – findsoftwares.net


Publisher: Plug In Digital

Version: 1.361

Use: Charge

OperatingSystem: iOS 9.x/10.x/11.x/12.x

Spitkiss for iOS 1.361 – platformer Game send loving messages attractive – findsoftwares.net
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Spitkiss for iOS is a platformer game unique and attractive on the iPhone and iPad where your task is overcome all hardships dangerous to send love messages to all people.

Game action platformer with beautiful graphics Send messages of love to your beloved one Step into the world of the sprawling
Send love messages to those you love

Spitkiss for iOS is a action game, colorful platformer with one-touch controls simple, take you to a lovely world of the Spitkisser. This is the little creatures communicate with each other in a way ‘sloppy’, it is through fluids in the body and emoticons. With the mechanism, swipe to jump creative is optimized for touch screen and touchpad modern, Spitkiss iOS provides virtual buttons and anchor points for you to use, to send loving messages from Spitkisser this to Spitkisser other.

You will send the message of his love is a liquid overcome all obstacles by jumping, small drops, bouncing, determine the time and shoot like control mechanism in the game Angry Birds. High precision and flexibility is what you need to complete all screens.

Spitkiss for iOS has control mechanisms 1 one-touch simple Avoid all dangerous obstacles Conquer countless exciting gameplay, challenging
Overcome all dangerous obstacles to get to the destination

The screen play takes place on a single screen. You can see where I need to and the dangerous obstacles are waiting for. You will also see a division inside the body at the bottom of the screen as the heart, lungs, or spleen. They only play the role as the touchpad, where you control everything.

As said above, your task in the game is go from point A to point B safely. Everything starts quite simple, but you will soon realize the game is extremely difficult when have to slide down the surface safely, move to the appropriate location to the other without touching the spikes. Then made a few more jumps to reach the destination.

Spitkiss iOS skill challenge, geometry and the ability to your reaction. The game is a glamorous world filled with adorable creatures and funny situations, at the same time tells the story love knows no boundaries, is not prohibited by any element, whether it’s gender.

The main feature of the Spitkiss for iOS

  • More than 80 levels with different challenges.
  • A love story told through comics and emoticons.
  • Controls swipe to jump, simple and intuitive.

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