SONY Vegas Pro 15 – software video HD extreme


Publisher: Sony Creative Software

Version: 15

Use: Trial

OperatingSystem: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

SONY Vegas Pro 15 – software video HD extreme
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Sony Vegas Pro is software make film professional. Vegas Pro is designed to support creative professionals through the combination of time-line based on the track familiar along with hundreds of improvements on the cycle of work. Can say Vegas Pro is approach new and modern and for the editing of finished product. It support for many more formats, more workflows,more… to help you easily convey the message and express artistic ability of their own.

Sony Vegas Pro

Main features of SONY Vegas Pro

Video editing

Sony Vegas Pro 15 once again impress with technology, non-linear editing top creative. The modern look of it brings to experience, fully flexible. It is designed to directly support the working process the user’s favorite. The improvements in the UI enhanced progress, quick edit, arrange a time effect that Sony Vegas Pro towards.

  • Auto crossfade: edit time-line, fast, smooth. Slide fast cases overwrite each other to create a crossfade instant between them.
  • Control preview window: Manage parameters and placement on any plug-in OFX, including Picture-in-Picture, Crop, directly on the Preview window quick and simple.
  • Freeze frame instant: Place the mouse cursor in the time line of the clip and create a frame freeze exactly by one click.
  • Expanded edit mode: edit Mode advanced help users cut clips more convenient. The inner frame edges are visible in the time line and is cut by mouse or keyboard. In the loop (loop), it allows the user to edit the adjacent frame during playback.
  • Link sync: set the relationship stratification between the clips in the time line when editing. Move the stage completely independently or simultaneously to create a mix perfect.
  • Edit multi-camera: edit the product multi-angle efficiently and easily with Sony Vegas Pro. Switch back and forth flexibility unlimited number of video sources with a keyboard command or mouse click. Simple converter videos multi-angle rotation into a passage individually to edit the details.
  • Speed limit: the Applicable speed from the back 100% and fast rewind up to 1,000 % (10x).
  • Time compression: Hold down the ctrl key and drag the corner section to extend or shorten the playback time.
  • Edit random: Quickly rearrange clips on the timeline in the Storyboard with editing features random, and then tweak back.

Interface Sony Vegas Pro 15

UI and workflow

  • Strengthen the clip Timeline: title clips in the timeline provided progress work according to the timeline organized and easy to access.
  • Collapse song title: Sony Vegas Pro allows the user to hide or show the song title, reduce clutter on the UI and put the important stuff in a location easy to visit most.
  • System menu “hamburger”: the System menu creation, allowing users to customize the region have high traffic to easily learn necessary tools quickly at the same time without cluttering the work space.
  • Window control dock logical: Use the controls dock reasonable, modern to edit layout window fit snugly progress own work of the user. Easily save and retrieve layouts were designed for each specific task.
  • Tweak UI interface: Choose the shade matching background with studio lights most, edit colour of the icon button click depends on the amount of color that people use to determine the tools.

Effect and merge videos

  • Mask tool: Use the tool to draw Bézier curves to create a quick rectangle, oval zoned media and make the composition interesting videos. In addition, you can also use tools to overlay strong to get a “mask” complex, precisely for all cubes as you want.
  • Support for ACES 1.0: use color-coding system ACES 1.0 to take advantage of scientific modern color and color space expansion of video cameras.
  • Masks FX: Add effects or video filters such as Pixelate, then limit the effect with a layer mask to the specific video to obscure icon, license, or faces that do not affect the part of the video, rest.
  • Color combination: matching color between clips in the color space L*a*b*
    flexible and powerful. Choose a set available or use the factor control to easily choose photo optimized.
  • Multiple modes of collage: Sony VEGAS Pro models use multi-layered, from top to bottom to combine and create mask, allows users to assign the song as a main track or filler. Apply effects typesetting to create the look of stylized bright. Software contain a series combined mode impressive, providing design options, professional image. Mode 3D Source Alpha allows users to move and rotate the tracks in 3D space and use them as a project stereoscopic 3D.
  • Automatic white balance: automatic, adjusted to achieve balanced white perfect.
  • Support LUT (Look Up Table): Plug-in LUT OFX allows users to use both camera and LUT to quickly apply the exact visual effect desired the following videos.

Create project 3D videos as easily as 2D

  • Tweak 3D graphics programming: Using filters in Stereoscopic 3D Adjust powerful to cure back tolerances of the camera, edit the depth of the screen of the target audience to put it accurately into the desired location in the 3D. Use the editing tool set to calibrate range screen edge 3D standard. Users can also change the width in a few effects, 2D and forward to edit the depth effect.
  • Management solution powerful: optimized editing options for 3D video, including monitoring features and edit in 3D. VEGAS Pro provides many viewing options to expand, including specific channel, the screen on the bottom, it connected next to each other, blending or emboss. Use connect SDI or HDMI to bring to experience high quality preview on the 3D screen.
  • Camera real 3D to incorporate 3D motion: Create motion effects 3D with the correct depth, delivery, online, paired… feature Parent Motion allows users to move, rotate multiple tracks in 3D space as a unified whole. Sony Vegas Pro also allows to remove corrections in real time with instant preview.
  • 3D editing: Using editing tools, 3D integration to enhance the project and ensure products results perfect 3D. The calibration stand includes effect of horizontal and vertical deviations in size, keystone, and rotation.
  • Add depth to the element 2D: Use the tool adjust the horizontal offset to increase the depth of the factor 2D-like background, header, graphics in 3D work. Combined internal factor, 2D to 3D content by a method combining the tradition of VEGAS Pro.
  • Calibration alert automatically: Set the tolerances correctly in the 3D video according to the camera configuration.

Management and enhanced performance media

  • Conversion project flexibility: Sony Vegas Pro supported import file project outside the tv back and forth and convert file formats compatible system. Finishing the project took place in Avid, Final Cut, DaVinci, or Adobe Premiere and After Effects.
  • Sort smart: To have better overview, please use the tag classification of media in the project. VEGAS Pro automatically align each clip tagged to a Media Bins fit. Quick Search allows users to filter data, instant, edit tag at all times. In addition, Sony Vegas Pro also automatically updated smart folders.
  • 4K support: Vegas Pro 15, support media resolution up to 4k, increased granularity and more flexibility. It supports the file XAVC, XAVC-S, HEVC, AVC, ProRes,RED ONE,RED EPIC.
  • Hardware acceleration: Take advantage of hardware acceleration card NVIDIA technology and modern QSV (Quick Sync Video) of Intel aims to enhance performance real time and shorten the rendering time for the given format.
  • Process optimization: The tools often used are neatly arranged in the pop-up menu conveniently located directly below the time line. Thus, the workflow of users will be faster and more effective.
  • Image recording easy: to Use Device Explorer flexibility to pull media from almost any device on window, Project Media, time line or Trimmer.

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