Skill Game for Windows Phone – intellectual Game for Windows Phone –


Publisher: Bernardo Zamora


Use: Free

OperatingSystem: Windows Phone 7.5/8

Skill Game for Windows Phone – intellectual Game for Windows Phone –
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Connect the numbers together without touching the lines, lights, or insert, drawing out paper allows. Going through many different worlds, each level brings a difference. Skill game for Windows Phone has the combination of skills, strategy and coordination with quick eye is required to beat the level.

  • More than 150 level
  • Starting from the level simple for to the level has higher difficulty level and use the Magic Pen – pen – to pass the level the most difficult.
  • Try to beat each level without damaging rupture.
  • Explore the world of street magic
  • Spent 6 magic world starts from White Forest to World #6 where you will have to use all the skills I have.
  • Play level jellybean, secret, black level and doughnut level and beat level normal and hero, solve level arrow.

Skill Game for Windows PhoneSkill Game for Windows Phone

So many options:

  • Achievements.
  • Leaderboards Worldwide Leaderboards.
  • Optimized for left-handed players and right.
  • Level Normal and Hero.
  • Magic Pen is always ready at any level.
  • Replay any level.
  • Spread through 155 levels, each level has difficulty separately.
  • Mute/ unmute audio.

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