Santa freeze for Android 1.0 – Game Christmas –


Publisher: Lâu Đài Số

Version: 1.0

Use: Free

OperatingSystem: Android 1.6 and above

Santa freeze for Android 1.0 – Game Christmas –
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Santa freeze for Android – Game Christmas

2012 is the year the apocalypse so the forces of evil rushing wake, the Snow queen use magic locked Santa into an iceberg.

Christmas is coming soon, if Santa does not keep up, return the gifts, then the belief of children to the gods will be no more, at which time the gods will lose their power and the world will be in jeopardy.

The game is a task, you have to be pretty quick and skillful to help Santa to pass the icebergs and other obstacles.

When new look at seems game graphics are confusing, but when playing it feels fun because of the obstacles are arranged logically in a coherent way. Core elements this make Santa the icing just easy, but just difficult.

If just miss da in one step people who play hard but finish is all the way. The main thing that makes the charisma of the game, once you play difficult to stop is because you will want to jump go to jump back and forth until the pass.

The game has 6 screens with distance 18km to pass, the difficulty increases gradually. The initial is the gap jump, then add obstacles, then the world began to hide out due to the snow storm cover the loss of vision.

 Santa freeze for Android  Santa freeze for Android
Santa freeze for Android Santa freeze for Android

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