Move for Windows Phone – Game intelligence for Windows Phone –


Publisher: Nitako


Use: Free

OperatingSystem: Windows Phone 8

Move for Windows Phone – Game intelligence for Windows Phone –
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Move for Windows Phone – intellectual Game for Windows Phone

Move for Windows Phone is game memory free, in which all the dots are moving together.

The dots are constantly moving, unless they are blocked. To solve the difficulty, let’s move all the dots about the car was the color. Over hundreds of free puzzles. Puzzle will start simple and comfortable with the 3 dots are the same color with each other and will become more difficult with 5 different color, ensure that players will have to weigh a lot.

This game is very simple. The goal is to move the dots into the corresponding box. We can all move together in the same direction, unless blocked.

Move for Windows PhoneMove for Windows PhoneMove for Windows Phone

Move for Windows Phone launch game is very simple. At the first level will have only 3 dots on the screen and you just surf once to move them to corresponding boxes. The game will become harder in the next level. Then, you will have to match the color of the dot with the color of the corresponding cell. Single action the player should perform is surfing. Surfing left, right, up or down to move the dots. Of course, also require other more as the thinking ability of the player.

The number of moves will be displayed at the end of the table. In the right corner for the player to know the number of times play the most optimal to have the perfect score 3 stars. You complete a table in round 6 the water go? Try it with 4 water.

Move for Windows Phone is free game. There are 3 packs with 100 levels for each package. 9 pack the other side in this game can also unlock. In addition, you can pay $0.99 for each pack or buy all at once with a fee of $3.99.

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