Mini DAYZ for iOS 1.4.0 – survival Game in zombie world –


Publisher: Bohemia Interactive

Version: 1.4.0

Use: Free

OperatingSystem: iOS 8.0 and above

Mini DAYZ for iOS 1.4.0 – survival Game in zombie world –
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You will survive is how long post-apocalyptic world? Let’s find out the answer in Mini DAYZ for iOS – game survival themed zombie pole or on the iPhone and iPad.

A survival Game in zombie world - Mini DAYZ

Mini DAYZ for iOS is the version for mobile of game DAYZ on PC. The Game brings the theme of the original version, but is built on a graphic background pixel classic. Your goal in the game is try to survive as long as possible in a world dominated by force of zombies.

Dodge danger or run really fast

However, not only zombies are the only threat in the game, you also have to compete with people surviving in other, as well as face to face with hunger and thirst reeling. You explore the map is generated randomly and looking for food, ammo, is and supplies needed.

Survival in the harsh weather conditions

Feel free to use everything you find is to create the widgets needed to protect themselves before the wolves data infected people turn into zombies and the survivors. But the most important thing in Mini DAYZ iOS is ensure yourself not to be hungry and keep warm the body. Weather causes certain disadvantages, when weather conditions are harsh will make the wound becomes harder and instant than if you don’t search for methods to heal it.

Looking for food and necessary supplies

Main features of Mini DAYZ for iOS

  • Explore an open world map style pixel art, stunning with the buildings featured.
  • Equip yourself and try to survive as long as possible by using countless loot.
  • Tracking health indicators, hunger and their thirst, prevent lost blood.
  • Continue to survive to improve your character’s stats, get perks and collect achievements because of your efforts.
  • Tree planting, the creation of new products and base construction temporarily to a camp fire and fence.
  • Meet the survivors WHO are people friendly and have the wicked, fighting or dodging many kinds of dangers are lurking.
  • Let’s turn the wilderness into your friend, not the enemy – using natural resources to survive.
  • Find a way to survive in day and night time. Keep themselves warm when it is raining or there is snow.
  • There is no feature in-app purchases.

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