Hippo Animator 4.3.5578 – design tool animations, professional – findsoftwares.net


Publisher: Hippo Studios

Version: 4.3.5578

Use: Trial

OperatingSystem: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Hippo Animator 4.3.5578 – design tool animations, professional – findsoftwares.net
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Forget the tools to create animations is difficult and as complex as Flash, Silverlight and Java, tools Hippo Animator will help you create the animations for smart phones and tablets an easy way.

Hippo Animator is a very intuitive application that can be used to design the great animation can be posted on websites and will be compatible almost all the browsers like Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Android. Unlike Flash, Silverlight and Java, works on smartphones, and also works in old browsers such as Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 which do not require new technologies like HTML5 and CSS3.

No plugins needed the support, download or knowledge about scrip. The clips compact support transparent background and rotate. You can add a movie of yourself on a website by using simple javascript or create the dynamic web page to fit any browser.

Hippo Animator software is perfect with anyone who is interested in HTML animation, animation, CSS, HTML4, SVG, animations, Silverlight, animations Flash, animations, Java, javascript, AML, animation, canvas, dynamic banners, animated Gifs, convert images to video, convert photo to AVI, graphic design, HTML, DHTML, jQuery or any dynamic website.

Hippo Animator

Main features:

Easy editing

Hippo Animator is a powerful but easy to use, you can create the wonderful animation of her own that can’t be found in any place. Tools suit both the beginner user and the expert computer.

Extract to HTML

Hippo Animator extract to single HTML page can expand and image folder. You only need one line of code to add the animation into your own website. The animations HTML code transparent background, without plugins support, download or knowledge about scrip.

Working on phone and tablets

Animations, Flash, Silverlight and Java are often not supported generally not supported on phone and tablet. Hippo Animator supports all iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Android. The film will automatically expand to fit any size web browser.

Work with old web browsers

Many software packages to create animations in HTML using HTML5, however it only works in very few of the new web browser. Hippo Animator will be different, the movies that you extract includes both modern HTML for new web browser and HTML for the web browser. Tool even supports Internet Explorer 6.

Vector graphics

Hippo Animator uses vector graphics whenever possible, so you can quickly download without any problems what about the movie scale. Comes with the HTML movie to be extracted is the image folder are used in old browsers when the vector graphics is not available.

Image editing

Hippo Animator has an image editing tools are integrated. You can resize, rotate, crop and flip images without exiting the editor. You can also add effects like blur, noise, contrast and brightness.

Buttons and interactive

Add interactivity to your movie by using the button and set the command scrip simple without any knowledge of scrip. Just select the scrip you want to use and fill in the options.


Quickly create the slideshow using the object view picture. You can control how to display using the command script to run, pause, playback and forward.

YouTube and Vimeo videos

Add YouTube or Vimeo videos to your movies. If you don’t want to use the video’s page object allows you to embed the website or other video into his film.


You can add music and sound effects for his film. Hippo Animator supports web browsers like Firefox do not support MP3.

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