Granny for Android 1.5 – Game horror game grandma Granny on Android –


Publisher: DVloper

Version: 1.5

Use: Free

OperatingSystem: Android 4.0 and above

Granny for Android 1.5 – Game horror game grandma Granny on Android –
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Granny (Vietnamese name is the game Grandmother, Ma) is a horror game built in the first-person perspective. You have 5 days to escape from the haunted house if do not want to receive terrible outcome.

Ganny is one of the scary horror game most Android
Ganny is one of the scary horror game most Android

The interesting point in version Granny 1.5 new update

Game horror new Granny takes out new updates with lots of additional remarkable help for the journey of escape of people who play difficult and more interesting. The most typical is the old ma new page is added to a gun can shoot you from the far side, at the same time pet add a pet to alarm or make it more difficult for players. Detailed updates include:

  • Adding new locations in the house for you to explore.
  • Now, the player has 2 ways to escape from the house of Granny.
  • More part Practise difficult.
  • You can find more useful items.
  • Granny now absent longer and she can get back to shoot you with a gun.
  • Granny, adopt a pet pet.
  • Patched some small bugs in the previous version.

Granny is considered one of the horror game puzzle scary most on mobile. You locked in a dark house scary, where there are spooky old lady. Now, you have to find a way to escape from the house. But please be very careful and make every actions extremely gentle, don’t cause noise. She could hear every noise even the smallest. If you dropped something on the floor, old ma will immediately hear running and chasing you.

However, sometimes you can also take advantage of noise to trap the mom, get rid of the danger area. You can hide in the closet or under the bed to avoid her detection. Let’s hurry up because you only have 5 days to escape from the house. Good luck!

Explore the dark house, the more nooks maze-like
Explore the dark house, the more nooks maze-like

Journey escape haunted house

House in game Granny as a maze with many floors and many different room. Because no known structure house, you need to first locate outlet, at the same time explore the area as scary as toilets and bathtubs filled with blood, the room is dark, and the blood stained on the floor… be careful with those dangerous pitfalls that granny deliberately placed between the entrance to trap you.

When in a certain area, your task is to rummage through all the cabinets, drawers… to find items like pliers to cut wire, hammer to break the door card code, take advantage of planks to the north through gaps to make bridges to go through…. Then let’s find enough things necessary to open the main door and escape out. The main door is she reinforcing and lock extremely sure, very many layers of different locks. However, first, let’s find her a hiding-place fill safety to preserve life if the old woman unexpectedly into the room.

In addition to the support you unlock, the player also has a weapon to help you a lot in the course of action, which is archery anesthesia. Try to find the provides this shoot at the old ghost to her coma within 2 minutes. In the 2 minutes that you can go everywhere, do everything without worrying about being discovered. Let’s act quickly before she woke up. Provides name this can take use time and time again so just after 2 minutes, you can continue to go find granny and shoot to surface action.

Play the game in first person perspective
Play the game in first person perspective, find a way out of the house in 5 days

As designed in first person perspective, combining images in the game are scary, dark, game Granny make a strong impression with players. Sure, you will not at times been startled by those scary situation, unexpected combinations of the same sounds creepy, sometimes is the quiet to cold.

In general, the Granny is a horror game true for those who want to try thrills. Please download the game for free on computer, experience it yourself and feel.

Graphics scary shape scary
Graphics scary shape scary

New features

  • Add a Game Over 2nd.
  • Added scene to The End 2nd (only appears when Teddy is assigned).
  • Bug fixes sometimes players get stuck in the wall to the secret passage.
  • The opportunity to get all the locks in the main door.
  • The Extreme now, a little bit harder.
  • The Granny’s dinner .
  • Change some sounds.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Much of the spectacle of grisly surprises that startled
Much of the spectacle of grisly surprises that startled

Updated Granny for Android

  • Minor bug fixes in the options menu, including:
  • Granny house is a bit older.
  • An additional way of self-defense ago Granny.
  • Find more items.
  • Fixed some bug.

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