Flickr Uploadr for Mac – software support-upload photo –


Publisher: Yahoo

Use: Free

OperatingSystem: Mac OS X 10.7 and above

Flickr Uploadr for Mac – software support-upload photo –
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Flickr Uploadr for Mac – software support upload photo

With digital cameras, people are easily batch images to put online to share with your friends. Meanwhile, the photo-sharing service often limit the number of photos per upload. If you are using the services of Flickr, then this issue is considered to have been solved with software Flickr Uploadr…

Photo-sharing service Flickr, Yahoo’s existing number of users crowded with fast download speed, easy to manage, support friends list… But if you have hundreds of photos, then put up through the web interface quite strenuous, because every time Flickr only to upload maximum 6 files. With the appearance of utility Flickr Uploadr, that this anxiety will be resolved quickly. Especially in the new version also allows users can manipulate more with the photos before they are uploaded.

After installing go to Start > Flickr Uploadr to activate the program. In the first use, you click on the button SIGN IN, a window will appear, click on OK, the browser opens the website of Flickr. You just need to log into your account to see reports You have successfully authorized the application Flickr Uploadr, then back to the windows Flickr Uploadr and click Ready! is done. From this time onwards, the program has remembered your account, and connect automatically on every boot.

You click +ADD, select open the photo want to put up. For each photo, please fill in the information such as: name (Title), a description (Description), the tags classified for picture, the right view (Who can see this photo?) select the display level in the database’s public image Flickr (Hide from public site areas?)… To apply settings to multiple pictures at the same time, then group them and then made. Alternatively you can arrange re-position the image by drag and drop.

A pretty cool feature of Flickr is to Create a Set, allowing users to create page view photos according to theme own. You use your mouse to select the images you want to put on the set, press the button CREATE A SET… type a name, and information described for it, and then click OK. Note, for with free account you just created 3 set.

Finally, you press the button Upload photos, wait for a moment to work program. When finished there will be a notification that appears, select Go to Flickr to open the website in browser. In the Add to a Set, you select the set created above, drag the slider to the bottom and click SAVE THIS BATCH is complete. Pay attention in your Flickr account, the set will display in the right side interface.
If you want to customize the default configuration of the program, you to menu Upload > Preferences. Here are the following settings: Authorization (add, change, Flickr account), Automatic resizing (automatically changes the photo size to fit)…Click OK to save the changes.

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