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Publisher: Madcat Games

Version: 1.2.80

Use: Free

OperatingSystem: Android 4.1 and above

Easy Poser for Android 1.2.80 – App construction 3D look multi-angles – findsoftwares.net
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EasyPoser is app design, 3D graphics, unique dedicated to giving people fine art professional or a beginner drawing. Have you ever wanted to make a pattern personalized can create many different postures in the process of painting, cartoon, illustration or sketch? So EasyPoser app is exclusively for you.

App has been updated to add dragon pattern Had features wear uniform clothes for the character Easily create the pose from figure drawing 2D
Easy Poser has been updated to add many new features

The uniqueness of the app design this is to allow the user can create the 3D images, observe the pattern I just drew from many different angles. With Easy Poser, you don’t need to draw based on a wooden doll or the puppet arts. Even the Yoga postures or exercise can all be observed under a different perspective!

Salient features of the application design model Easy Poser for Android

Drivers sensitivity: Easy Poser allows control of the coupling of accurate models in an incredible way. The application offers many functions not available in the app design, such as: Create focal points for the moving parts, control joints, find the posture symmetrical, reflective function,… users can control the model more convenient with touch pen.

Pattern comic style: The graphics application, previously only provides the model ratio of 1:8, very does not fit in the drawing, animation, comics network or to illustrate the game. But Easy Poser is equipped the model with multiple rates, different body, helping users more comfortable in choosing.

The controller multi-dimensional: You can create a landscape there is the presence of a maximum of 6 characters at the same time! The user can draw the soccer players disputing the ball, a couple hand in hand, or a group of people are dancing.

Dozens of postures designed available: In Easy Poser has available more than 60 models, with the poses varied and always updated regularly.

Control system smooth Many models with the ratio varied in accordance to drawing comics Allow more characters appear in the same frame
This app is extremely useful to draw comics

Other features

  • Light and background lights are installed directly.
  • Can observe the posture in different angles.
  • The created shaders, you can observe the silhouettes of people overlap.
  • Can change the view angle (zoom in or zoom setting preferences).
  • Supply mode wire mode allows overlaying frame sketching up characters for you to freely edit.
  • Can download the model does not include background images as PNG.
  • Auto save helps protect the paint in case there is a device error.
  • Easy hand gesture control of the model.

Features provided in free version

  • The user can freely control the posture of the models available.
  • Character facial expressions are changed by the control angle of light.
  • Can save images as tail PNG.
  • Freely adjust the background by moving the distance of the camera.

Upgraded features of the premium version

  • The finished pattern can be saved and edited from time to time.
  • Allowed custom rate model compared to the original.
  • Unlimited number of characters that appear in the same scene.
  • Does not contain advertising.

The user can observe the model at different angles Many postures are pre-installed in Easy Poser  
Can observed patterns under a variety of angles


  • Because the data is not saved to the server, once the user delete the app, your saved data will also be deleted.
  • Starting from version 1.1.9 of Easy Poser, you need to login with your Google Play account to use the app bought. When logging in, account, order history will automatically be restored and stored on the server. When complete the confirmation, the user will not need to access the Internet and apps purchased will be retained.

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