Doodle Chopper Lite For iOS –


Publisher: Egerter Software

Use: Free

OperatingSystem: iOS 3.1.3 or later

Doodle Chopper Lite For iOS –
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Doodle Chopper Lite For iOS

Welcome to Doodle Chopper Lite (AKA Doodle Blue Skies), this is the game shooting helicopter with sound effects 8 bit. This is the Lite version lets you play through the first 4 levels.

Doodle Chopper Lite For iOS

Main features:

– 30 levels.

– Collect coins, money, gold, energy when shooting down enemies.

– Use the money to make the weapons better in the laboratory R&D.

– 10 songs.

– 10 different weapons including missiles, bombs, lasers and fireballs.

– Trick back at any time.

– Arcade mode, unlimited levels.

– Set the 3 difficulty levels.

– Effect of rain and weather

– Create random levels to add fun when playing.

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