DogHotel Free for iOS 1.5.6 – management Game resort for dog –


Publisher: Tivola

Version: 1.5.6

Use: Free

OperatingSystem: iOS 7.0 and above

DogHotel Free for iOS 1.5.6 – management Game resort for dog –
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DogHotel Free for iOS is a simulation game quite interesting, dedicated to those who love animals. DogHotel Free take you to the # 1 resort dedicated to dogs, where we take care of your dog and coaching them in many different ways.

Game simulation or
Game build and manage a hotel for dogs

Download game DogHotel free free for Android.

True to its name, DogHotel Free is 1 hotel exclusively for dogs the type and you are the owner of this resort. In the role of the manager, arrange for each dog, 1 private accommodation, home furniture decoration, beautiful eyes, dog food, bath, sleep… especially trainer as the dog business.

In the game DogHotel, players will in turn get acquainted with the cute dog – such as the pug dog of mrs. Edith with f act, are in need of weight loss, folding Lucky wish to join the fire brigade or the dog Poddle named Lizzy wants to learn the skills of his first. Please ensure that all dogs have about beautiful time at the resort DogHotel through the operation, care, training and interaction.

Intro Video game simulation DogHotel

Main features of the game DogHotel on iPhone/iPad

Take care of 8 different dogs

Is 1 new boss in the field of pet care, who play DogHotel will manage and care little for the resort this particular. A lot of tasks or waiting for you to discover, as dog-eating, bathing, cleaning cages… all this work will bring joy and happiness to the world pet in the game.

Dog care
Feed the dog, shower, have fun, and interactive

Interact with the puppies playfully

Collect experience points when going for a walk with dogs, training them in the chain of activity running jumping obstacle and listen to the direction of home.

Dog training
Dog training 1 number of basic skills

Do you with many new dog breeds

Get ready for the do you with many new dog breeds: the game is fun with Chihuahua, Beagle super cute, Labrador or Shepherd breed of Australia… observe carefully each dog to see the personality of what they are and meet the needs timely.

Expand resorts
Expanding resort with many furniture items beautifully

Other features

  • Complete the chain of interesting quests. Every dog in the DogHotel Free for iOS is 1 new story of the same tasks challenges to overcome.
  • Expand the foster pet and decorate according to your interests, including the cage, cute, or systems, special bath for each child.
  • Play and watch them interact together in the common playground.

Complete the challenge
Conquer challenges, level up and unlock new content

DogHotel Free for iOS is a simulation game quite new on the App Store. This time you will be managing the resort dedicated for the animals 4 foot with their own personality and they’re also awfully smart, and emotionally rich. Take care of each dog 1 and coaching them more this or cough. All these activities will help you accumulate experience points, level up and unlock more new content.

Language interface: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, simplified Chinese, Spanish, Chinese simplified.

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