Cute Mob Models Remake Mod – Mod cute Anime character in Minecraft –


Publisher: Yarrmateys

Use: Free

OperatingSystem: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Cute Mob Models Remake Mod – Mod cute Anime character in Minecraft –
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Cute Mob Models Remake Mod is Minecraft Mod great for fans of animation, Anime or Japanese Manga comics. Specific mod will change the shape, the looks of the characters in the game Minecraft as villager, witch, guardian… of the female characters cute, charming as in Anime.

Mod to change character appearance

Cute Mob Models Remake Mod is designed to be used with Mob Talker Mod, which is why you can chat with the characters in the block world box Minecraft. System character is also concrete materials from Mob Talker.

The change that Cute Mob Models Remake Mod bring is mostly about the form, which have 1 of the option to change the hitbox for a mob to match the pattern. Mod used primarily for client, when installed on the server, the only 2 effects, allowing mob GhastS spawn and change the hitbox.

Cute Anime character

Install Cute Mob Models Remake Mod to change shape for mob of the she Anime super cute. This gives you more inspiration and excitement when adventure explore the vast world of Minecraft. The mob no longer shape weird or scary anymore, on the contrary they become the hot girl – can be enemy or minions to recruit.

Interact with the characters super cute


Minecraft Forge

Instructions to install Cute Mob Models Remake Mod

  • Install software Minecraft Forge free on the computer.
  • Navigate to the folder Minecraft.
  • On a Windows computer, from the Start menu, open Run, enter the command %appdata% then click the Run button.
  • On the Mac, from Open Finder, hold Alt, and then Go > Library in the menu bar above. Open the folder Application Support to find Minecraft.
  • Put new mod download (.jar) into the Mods folder. When open Minecraft, press Mods to play the mod just installed.

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