Chicken Rescue for Windows Phone – Game rescue chicken on Windows Phone –


Publisher: ViMAP Services Pvt Ltd


Use: Free

OperatingSystem: Windows Phone 7.5/8

Chicken Rescue for Windows Phone – Game rescue chicken on Windows Phone –
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Chicken Rescue for Windows Phone for those who want the card challenge, the ability to analyze his space. The successful combination between simplicity and game play fascinated, help this game become famous around the world.

Now, you were able to experience intellectual game in new style – Chicken Rescue. Chicken Rescue for Windows Phone focuses on the rules and game play similar to the game predecessors, but also introduces the action based on the touch with the new level full of fun. This is a great game, why you’ll have to invest think, solve the conundrum. Players can play with family members, friends or playing alone.

Chicken Rescue for Windows PhoneChicken Rescue for Windows PhoneChicken Rescue for Windows Phone

In the game, your job is to build the go for chickens his. The player has complete all the sections of the road, but some of them are not put in place of it. You can move these sections have point-blank if right next to it is also an empty spot. Move the road section in this way will ensure your path will lead you on the correct location of it. Chickens that are lost on the street. Let’s help it to place need to by creating a correct path. Feed the chickens, the nuts in on the road to collect more bonus and save them from the bombs, turtles eat meat or other hazard.

Benefits received while playing the game:

  • Chicken Rescue develops logical thinking.
  • Chicken Rescue help to increase the ability to concentrate.
  • Chicken Rescue develops the ability to remember.
  • Chicken Rescue honor success from hard work. The more practice, the more you learn.
  • Chicken Rescue develops way of thinking science. When playing, you will get more way of thinking more diverse.

Main features:

  • Game, entertainment, fun and the levels challenging.
  • Controls are very simple.
  • Fascinated and full of fun.
  • Intellectual Game simple touch and very interesting.
  • Completely free for users to download and play the game.

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