Candy Pop for Windows Phone – Game blasting candy soda for Windows Phone –


Publisher: Data-Arc


Use: Free

OperatingSystem: Windows Phone 7.5/8

Candy Pop for Windows Phone – Game blasting candy soda for Windows Phone –
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Candy Pop for Windows Phone is a match 3 game fast-paced, very exciting, ask the player needs to connect the type of identical candies to make them burst out and explode.

Candy Pop for Windows Phone new updated version:

  • Bug problem has been solved for the French version, and other areas upon app launch.
  • Now, with more than 30 level as candy crush, the player was responding to what I need. New candy bar with all new level. Players can give feedback of yourself from the Feedback.

Main features:

  • Candy Pop has 3 game play modes: Twizzlers, Jaw Breakers and Stars Burst with many interesting and challenging for players.
  • Match 3 same candies or more and watch them explode like fireworks.
  • Items, PowerUPs and Boosters helps to play faster.
  • Learn how to play simple and easy to start playing.

Candy Pop for Windows PhoneCandy Pop for Windows PhoneCandy Pop for Windows Phone

Candy is young, the girls love:

  • ‘Eat’ as much candy as possible before time runs out to get the highest score.
  • The perfect combination of simple and challenging to get endless fun.
  • Simple, challenging, and competition for free time. You won’t want to leave this exciting game.

Whether you have the skills smashing candy?

Are you known Sally? If not know, then look on the left hand side of the screen and you will find her here. Sally loves eating candies so join her in the fascinating adventure to candy castle and learn the skills smashing candy here.

Special offer:

  • In accordance with people.
  • Unlock the powerful artefact like killer Candies, Bomb Candies and Thunder Candies
  • Buy items that increase strength to increase the game time.

Some tips to play game for free:

  • Try to create the longest chain possible, but don’t forget time is limited.
  • Items Thunders are powerful, but don’t let them waste your time.
  • If you can discover the secret with the highest score.

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