Auto Click GS Auto Clicker 3.1.2: auto mouse click computer


Publisher: GoldenSoft

Version: 3.1.2

Use: Free

OperatingSystem: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Auto Click GS Auto Clicker 3.1.2: auto mouse click computer
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Auto Clicker software auto mouse click auto click extremely useful for users who often have to click the mouse when gaming or working. Software Autoclick will automatically click your mouse on the points being put available, helps the fingers to be relaxed and save time for you.

Manual GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker has a simple interface and easy to use, with a big button Press F8 to Click. F8 is the default shortcut to launch the software, the user can select any hot key that they like instead of F8.

Software mouse click auto GS Auto Clicker
Download GS Auto Clicker – automatically click mouse to save time and effort

From the menu Options, the user can select mouse button to use, and clicking the mouse (clicking single or dual). It also allows to set the number of clicks, interval between clicks in hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds. Software, place your mouse automatically this also allows you to record sequences of mouse click on the screen is in constant use.

Software GS Auto Clicker is completely free, can be installed and removed easily. Download GS Auto Clicker latest – click tool automatically useful for those who spend a lot of time to mouse click as game, new website…

Bich Thuy

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