AE Sudoku for Windows Phone 1.2.0 – Solving of Sudoku on Windows Phone –


Publisher: AE Mobile

Version: 1.2.0

Use: Free

OperatingSystem: Windows Phone 7.5/8/8.1

AE Sudoku for Windows Phone 1.2.0 – Solving of Sudoku on Windows Phone –
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AE Sudoku for Windows Phone is game sudoku attractive for devices running the operating system Windows Phone. If you are fan of the series intellectually challenging coming from Japan this then you should not ignore AE Sudoku.

In a cell, the number of sudoku, the player will have to fill all of space into a square grid consisting of 9 rows horizontal and vertical. However, you are not allowed to fill in a random way which should adhere to the principle of the game. Specific cell number in a game of sudoku consists of 9 horizontal rows and vertical rows, divided into 9 small squares. The job of the player is a complete sealed box with the numbers from 1 to 9 so that in each horizontal row, vertical row, and the small square, each digit appears only a single time.

If you are familiar with sudoku, the explanation above is probably not necessary, but in the case has not yet been exposed to this game, then you will not need to worry because after just a few minutes acquaintance, you will quickly grasp how to play.

In AE Sudoku supports 4 different levels of difficulty from easy to difficult. As a beginner, you can only play easy level (Easy), the full 3 box of sudoku easy level then unlock the next level – Medium. Similar, play, 3 levels Medium will unlock the car hard sudoku (Hard), and 3 car difficulty will unlock the car extremely difficult (Expert).

AE Sudoku for Windows PhoneAE Sudoku for Windows PhoneAE Sudoku for Windows Phone

In particular, AE Sudoku support player through a few features quite smart. For example, you will get hints sometimes feel too stuck, at the same time will be alert when filling out the wrong number in the box (when that game will blast the wrong number).

In addition, notable features in AE Sudoku not to mention the use of pen-feathers white. The bottom of the screen, you will see the appearance of this tool. Tap once to feathers turning from white to gold, when that player can fill in the number that can appear on a cell in the sudoku. The digits are marked separately in blue ink. Touching the feathers again to change about the color white and the player can continue to complete the number one way confident in AE Sudoku.

Besides, in AE Sudoku also recorded the only numbers game as time, car number, number of errors in a game. The impressive numbers will be recorded in the record section. In addition, AE Sudoku for Windows Phone also recorded the best results of you and compare with other players. If you score high, the player will have the opportunity to get in on the online rankings of AE Sudoku.

What are you waiting for more without download AE Sudoku on your Windows phone to be able to just have moments of fun entertainment just intellectual exercises whenever.

Updates in AE Sudoku for Windows Phone latest version:

  • Fix bug can not download game on a number of devices running Windows Phone 8.

Thuy Van

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